To become a dealer in a respected establishment, you need to master many things. One of which is the art of the poker face, as you’ll spend much of your time bluffing

Albeit, in a slightly different capacity to the norm.

In this context, we’re talking about the steely resolve every dealer must have when dealing with certain characters. On the average day, a dealer in a busy casino could come face to face with hundreds of different people. 

Most of which will be amicable enough – others not so much.

Being a dealer means ensuring your mask doesn’t slip and your face doesn’t indicate what you are really thinking. Though you can rest assured that every dealer says most of the following each day, albeit silently and in their own minds:

It’s not complicated, figure it out yourself!

A good dealer will always be more than happy to offer a few essential pointers on the mechanics of the games they host. Nevertheless, there comes a point when some newcomers simply cross the line and ask too many inane questions.  Or perhaps, haven’t even taken the time to learn a single thing about the game, prior to sitting at the table and slowing things to a crawl.

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for clarification, rather than making mistake after mistake after mistake. However, it’s also common courtesy to ensure you have at least a basic grasp of the games you plan on playing, before actually playing them.

A simple gesture, which nonetheless goes a long way.

Take off the sunglasses, the cameras aren’t rolling!

This refers to those oh-so common instances where folks in casinos seem to think they’re the leading man or woman in their own private biopic. They’re either under the impression that all eyes are on them, or that they’re just generally so fantastic that they need to keep up appearances at all times.

They rock up to the table, sit there in stone-cold silence and spend the rest of the evening taking themselves too seriously. Not the end of the world, but exactly the kind of thing that can and often does rub dealers up the wrong way.

Of course, if you’re the ultimate high-roller with decades of experience frequenting casinos, you can get away with a cocky attitude. But if you’re simply taking yourself too seriously and attempting vainly to show off, you’ll make the dealers ‘list’.

Seriously – no tip again?

Irrespective of how much you think your dealer makes on an hourly basis, tipping should still be considered mandatory.  Like it or not, the vast majority of dealers rely on tips as an integral part of their take-home pay. You therefore need to accept the fact that if you plan on heading to a casino, you need to factor tipping into your budget.

As there’s no hard and fast rule regarding tipping, far too many players simply don’t bother. Whether or not they win or lose, they spend hours at the table lapping up the personality of the dealer, only to walk away without leaving a penny. 

Worse still, some frequent the same tables with the same dealers and never hand them so much as a cent. There’s really nothing worse than a regular customer who clearly appreciates what you do, but not enough to slide you even a modest tip as a gesture of thanks.

Yep, this definitely isn’t the game for you!

Dealers aren’t technically prohibited from telling players they should probably pit their wits against something else. Nevertheless, it’s not something that tends to happen – common courtesy and all. The problem being that the moment you tell somebody they should probably try a different game, you’re effectively telling them they’re rubbish at the game they’re currently playing.

Something that isn’t likely to go down well with those who can’t accept constructive criticism.

Consequently, it’s a case of sitting there and watching people make mistake after mistake, entirely of their own doing. It’s never particularly pleasant to watch people throw money away on ridiculous bets, but there’s not really a great deal else they can do.

You don’t think you’ve had enough to drink already?

Some gamblers loosen up after a couple of drinks and become the life and soul of the party. Likewise, some lack the confidence to really get into the spirit of things without a couple of sensible libations. Elsewhere, you have those who take full advantage of the cheap/free brings on offer, consuming as much as their bodies can physically handle.

For the dealer, who obviously isn’t permitted to drink and shift, this adds up to an unpleasant situation. Drunken gamblers are not only annoying, but are also far more likely to make tons of stupid mistakes and blame them on the house.  Depending on the individual in question, they may also be less inclined to tip, having lost all sight of common decency and manners.

Luckily, dealers do have the option of calling security and having drunk and maniacs ejected from the building. But they’re not usually the ones to tell folk to put down the whisky glass and get a grip.

Why the hell would I cheat?

Last up, inept gamblers often make subtle and indirect suggestions that the dealer is cheating. Or at least, that the house is doing everything it can to cheat them out of their money. Not only are accusations of cheating offensive to dealers, they’re also nonsensical.

There is absolutely nothing to gain by a dealer attempting to cheat players out of their money. It doesn’t affect their own wager, nor does it make for a pleasant atmosphere at the table. In addition, the more any given player loses, the less likely they are to tip.

It’s therefore in the dealer’s best interests to help players win where possible.  Nobody really matters, because there is no realistic way of a dealer cheating in any way, shape or form – even if they wanted to.

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