As a casino gamer, there’s nothing worse than burning through your bankroll in record time. When this happens, you essentially have two choices. You can either accept your losses and walk away, or spend even more money and lose way more than you can afford to. 

Suffice to say, the latter doesn’t represent a recommended course of action!

In both instances, the best approach is of course to avoid obliterating your bankroll in the first place. There’s not a lot you can do if it’s already happened, but a little strategic planning can go a long way.

So with this in mind, we thought we’d share a few helpful casino bankroll management tips. Play in accordance with the following and you’re guaranteed more bang for your buck:

1. Ask for Smaller Chips 

First up, if you decide to head out to a traditional casino, don’t fall into the trap of accepting high-denomination chips. The cashier will always provide you with comparatively high value chips. This is to encourage you to spend them quicker. As such, be sure to politely ask for chips in smaller denominations, which will always be available. Playing with a pocketful of 1s and 5s usually adds up to far more enjoyment than two 25s you’ll probably blow in minutes. This is casino bankroll management 101. 

2. Stick with Low-Volatility Slots

One of the best ways of extending gameplay when on a budget is to stick with low-volatility slots. Right at the bottom end of the scale, you could be looking at slots that pay out every half-dozen spins or so. Combine this with a good RTP percentage and you could be in for a long and enjoyable session. Just as long as you don’t get carried away with the wagering. By contrast, try your hand with a high-volatility slot and your bankroll could disappear in a matter of seconds.

3. Avoid Riskier Bets 

Risky bets can be more exciting and certainly attach the prospect of bigger prizes. But at the same time, you’re also statistically more likely to lose. Taking roulette, as an example. Betting on red or black might not seem as exciting or potentially profitable as betting on a single specific number. Nevertheless, the latter approach spectacularly tips the odds out of your favour. If you’re more about savvy casino bankroll management than chasing wins, stick with the safer and more obvious bets. Lower risk = fewer losses and better bankroll management. 

4. Take Your Time

One of the most common casino bankroll management mistakes is treating the whole thing like it’s a race. Particularly the case when it comes to online slots. There are so many players who throw money into their chosen machines as fast as possible, taking no time whatsoever to enjoy the experience. When gambling becomes obsessive to such an extent, it’s worth taking a step back and considering whether it’s worth bothering with. Take your time, enjoy the experience and don’t rush things for no good reason. You’ll have a much more pleasant time and your bankroll will thank you!

5. Take Regular Breaks

Likewise, one of the most important rules when it comes to responsible casino bankroll management is to take breaks on a regular basis. As time passes, you’ll naturally become fatigued. At which point, the likelihood of making unwise decisions increases significantly. What’s more, the more breaks you take along the way, the longer your gaming session will last. This applies to both real life casinos and online casinos. Take a step away from the table or the screen, have a walk, grab yourself a drink and maybe a breath of fresh air. You’ll get so much more out of the experience by doing so. 

6. Use Bonuses and Promos

On one hand, you could argue that quite a lot of casino bonuses and promotions aren’t as generous as they appear. Particularly when they bring enormous wagering requirements into the equation, it’s not always easy to get your hands on your winnings. But at the same time, you could also argue that any promotion that offers ‘free’ credit extends your gaming time. Once again, it’s a case of prioritising enjoyment over and above profitability. Do so and you may find a surprising amount of value in the casino bonuses and promotions you come across. 

7. Play Tournaments 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of casino gaming is getting involved in tournaments. This is particularly when it comes to games like poker and online slots. Tournaments can bring an entirely new dynamic of enjoyment and excitement into the equation. For one thing, entry costs are usually comparatively low. Nevertheless, you may find yourself playing for surprisingly generous prizes. Not only this, but tournaments often take quite a while to play out. This means that whatever you pay, you’ll be looking at outstanding value for money. And if it all goes wrong, you cannot lose a penny more than you paid to sign up for the tournament in the first place. A brilliant way of making your bankroll stretch as far as possible, while at the same time having a seriously good time!

8. Why Not Play for Free?

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that most online casino games these days can be played for free. Sure, playing for free means eliminating the prospect of winning anything. But it also eliminates all risk of loss in its entirety. Hence, playing for free means extending your bankroll infinitely. Free-play represents a great way of testing out what’s on offer, before putting any cash online. Or, if you aren’t already familiar with a casino game, it’s worth giving it a spin for free to see how it all works. Just remember that this kind of free-play tends to be exclusive to online casinos. The traditional variety not being in the habit of allowing guests to enjoy what’s on offer for free!

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