Gamblers worldwide would like nothing more than to discover the Holy Grail of betting strategies. Some kind of magic formula, which gives them an edge over the house and guarantees a profitable outcome. Or if nothing else, a means by which to reduce the house edge and gain at least a moderate advantage.

Realistically, you wouldn’t expect such a system to exist. The reason being that if any truly effective betting strategy was discovered, it would be a means to put bookies and casinos alike out of business. Not to mention, make anyone who chose to use it limitlessly wealthy.

Still, there are some who believe such strategies exist for those who take the time to find them. In fact, many believe that one of the oldest betting strategies still in use today provides the player with a mathematical advantage over the house.

100 Years of Betting Strategy

The strategy we’re referring two is known as the Martingale System. Named after its creator, the Martingale System was first experimented with more than a century ago. Incredibly, there are still sizeable audiences worldwide who believe that the Martingale System is a sure-fire solution for making guaranteed profits.

An appealing prospect of course, but one that raises countless questions. Can there ever be a betting strategy that’s truly effective?

Used for the first time more than a century ago, the Martingale System is one of the most popular strategies for beating the house at roulette, craps and a bunch of other casino classics. Some swear by it and even say that the mathematics behind the Martingale System are undeniable.

The question being – does it actually work? Or more importantly, should you give it a go for yourself?

What is the Martingale System?

The Martingale System is one of the simplest betting strategies of its kind currently in use. Rather than requiring any specialist skills or intuition on the part of the player, it’s a strategy that follows basic mathematical probability.

Each time you flip a coin, there’s a 50/50 chance of either result occurring. Theoretically therefore, flip the coin 100 times and you would logically expect around a 50/50 split of results. Perhaps not precisely, but somewhere in the region of half heads, half tails. By contrast, you’d expect the likelihood of 100 of the same result to be pretty much zero.

The same logic can therefore be brought to a variety of casino games. At the roulette table for example, there’s almost a 50/50 chance of the ball landing in a red zone with each spin. Slightly lower than 50% due to the presence of the double-zero, but close enough. Spin the wheel 100 times and you’d expect a pretty even spread of red and black results – never 100X black or red results consecutively.

This is where the Martingale System has the potential to prove effective. With the Martingale System, it’s simply a case of placing a bet, awaiting the outcome and then doubling the wager each time you lose. The idea being that when you enter a losing streak, you continuously increase your bet 2X until you eventually win. When you do, the fact that your bet was comparatively large means you should win enough to cover your losses, while at the same time providing a profit of some kind.

In a strictly logical sense, it’s a theory that holds water. Realistically, you’re very unlikely to enter into a losing streak which doesn’t eventually give way to at least a couple of wins. By using the Martingale System, you ensure that when things work in your favour, you win enough to cover your losses.

Used strategically, the Martingale System is said to have generated enormous wins for countless gamblers across a variety of games and betting markets worldwide.

Advantages of the Martingale System

Perhaps the single biggest advantage of the Martingale System is its simplicity. This is one of the only betting systems around that requires absolutely no special skills and no real research to master. It’s basically a binary betting system – you make each decision in accordance with the previous outcome. So it’s therefore wide open to beginners and experts alike.

Along with this, the mathematics of the whole thing suggests that it can also work. It’s highly unlikely (borderline impossible) to find yourself dealing with nothing but losses on a near-endless basis. Just as long as you continue with the strategy accordingly, you’re almost guaranteed to win something at some point.

Another key benefit of the Martingale System is its compatibility with a wide variety of casino games and conventional betting markets. So whatever your preferred gambling activities, you’ll be able to try the Martingale System if you choose to do so.

Disadvantages of the Martingale System

On the flipside of the coin, the Martingale System brings with it absolutely no guarantees whatsoever. In a practical sense, the likelihood of losing a 50/50 bet 100 times in a row is minimal. In a mathematical sense, it’s just as likely as any other outcome. Each and every spin is a unique event, which is in no way influenced by whatever takes place beforehand. Hence, there is every possibility you will continue losing indefinitely.

In addition, the Martingale System demands an extensive bankroll of disposable funds to work with. Even after just a handful of bets, doubling your wager quickly takes things to an entirely higher level. £5, £10, £20, £40, £80, £160, £320, £640, £1,280 – you’re only nine bets in, yet already looking at the kind of money you probably can’t afford to put on the line. So unless you’re already relatively wealthy, the Martingale System might not be for you.

Try for Free…

To see how the Martingale System works in practice, open an account with a quality online casino and play for virtual currency. Continue doubling your bet each time you lose and keep an eye on your bankroll. This way, you’ll build a better picture of what the Martingale System is all about, without having to put a penny of your own money on the line.




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