Just to set the record straight and avoid getting in trouble, the answer is no…we can’t tell you how to make guaranteed money with sports betting. And neither can anyone else, despite what they might have you think. Sports betting is supposed to be about pure entertainment – making something fun that little bit more exciting with a little wager on the line. You can guarantee yourself good times, but not necessarily the results you’re looking for.

That being said, you can at least dramatically increase your chances of winning – simply by working in accordance with a few golden rules. These apply to all sports and all types of sports betting across the board without exception.

So while we can’t promise you’ll win, we can at least promise you’ll be in a better position if you abide by the following:

1.Use the Best Betting Sites


Will the website you choose influence how likely you are to win? Not at all, but it will a) ensure you get the best odds and b) lower the likelihood of being scammed out of your money. For dozens of reasons, working with the best sites on the web is really the only way of going about sports betting. Read reviews, check expert recommendations and make your decisions accordingly.

2.Keep It Simple
While those complex bets with the potential to pay out in a big way can be tempting prospects, there’s also much to be said for keeping it simple. Statistically speaking, the simpler you keep things when it comes to your chosen wagers, the more likely it is you will come out with a positive result. Particularly if you are just getting started with sports betting or are something of a casual punter, keeping it simple is a rule of thumb you should be following.

3.Make the Most of Bonus Offers
Keep your eyes peeled for the kinds of bonus offers that really could make a big difference and prove of real value to you. We’re not talking about the kinds of bonus offers that attach ludicrous terms, conditions and wagering requirements. Instead, we’re talking about those that manifest in the form of free bets, top-ups and rewards in general that you can actually get your hands on.

4.Remain Disciplined
Perhaps the single most important rule when it comes to succeeding in sports betting is that of practicing strong self-discipline. This means not only accepting the potentially lower likelihood of winning, but also been comfortable with losing. It also means only ever betting with money you can afford to lose, setting yourself a sensible budget and walking away the moment you realise you are no longer having fun.

5.Get Into Spread Betting


It may come across as complicated at first, but spread betting can be a great way of tipping the odds at least slightly in your favour. Spread betting is certainly not for beginners and takes a good amount of time and dedication to get to grips with. Nevertheless, if you intend to climb the ladder and take your sports betting activities further, spread betting is a good way of getting the job done.

6.Do Your Homework
The simple fact of the matter is that the more research you do, the more likely you are to be able to make educated and informed decisions with regard to your own wagers. To completely master everything there is to know about one particular sport is to be in an extremely privileged position when it comes to sports betting. By contrast, try to hack your way through with limited knowledge and you are destined to struggle at all times.

7.Stick with What You Know
In a similar vein, if you happen to be something of an authority in any given sport, chances are this is the sport you should be sticking with when it comes to your betting activities. Even if there are bigger wins and more excitement to be found elsewhere, it simply makes sense to stick with what you know, rather than taking chances with what you don’t know.

8.Compare the Odds
The fact that it has never been better or easier to compare the odds being offered by dozens of leading bookmakers means that it is something you should absolutely be doing, every time. There is really no point whatsoever placing any kind of a wager with any online bookmaker, if you could simply click to another that will pay you more in the case of a win. You are effectively short-changing yourself for no reason whatsoever, which is pointless.

9.Try In-Play Betting


If you haven’t already tried your hand at in-play betting, it’s about time you did. Interestingly, there are some people who despite being relatively useless when it comes to standard sports betting are actually incredibly competent when it comes to in-play betting. It’s an entirely different approach to sports betting – one that gives you the opportunity to take into account the action as it takes place, before placing your bets. It’s also just about as entertaining and enjoyable as it gets.

10.Maintain Records
As boring as the administrative side of things may be, it’s nonetheless a good idea to maintain clear and accurate records of all your gambling activities. The reason being that over time, this will present you with something of an encyclopaedia, detailing your successes, failures and generally map out how to improve what you do. One day, it’s likely you’ll be glad you started keeping a journal.

11.Check the Terms
A quick point but an important point nonetheless, don’t get into sports betting of any kind with any service provider unil you have first fully checked all applicable terms and conditions. From deposits to withdrawals to winnings to bonus offers and everything else across the board, be sure you know exactly what you are dealing with before you start dealing with it.

12.Avoid Magic Tips, Tricks and Strategies
Last but not least, if there were any kinds of tricks and strategies that guaranteed success when it comes to sports betting, you can rest assured we’d all have been using them for years. Listening to professional punditry for a few insights is one thing, but to buy into seemingly ‘magic’ formulas and strategies is something else entirely. Given the fact that there are very few people out there who genuinely know what they are doing and even fewer who are willing to sell their advice and guidance for money, anyone you come across who appears to be selling magic tips, tricks and strategies is probably to be avoided.




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