If you’ve decided to give online roulette a spin…pun intended…you could be in for one hell of a ride! Online casinos have come so for over recent years, delivering the most extraordinary virtual roulette experiences the world has seen to date. From VR to live-dealer gaming to mobile roulette and so on, the pickings have never been richer for casino aficionados. 

That said, there are a few things you need to bear in mind if considering taking the plunge for the first time. For the most part, online roulette is safe, enjoyable and easy to access from just about anywhere. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to safeguard your best interests when playing pretty much any casino game online. 

So in the case of online roulette specifically, here’s a brief rundown of 10 things you need to know before getting started:

1. Not all online casinos are the same

First and foremost, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that all online casinos are identical. In reality, it’s actually quite the opposite – they’re all completely different. Nevertheless, what matters to you as a customer is choosing an established and reputable casino you know you can trust. Check out the reviews and recommendations of past and present customers, browse what’s on offer before depositing any cash and ensure you’re suitably impressed with the whole thing. 

2. European roulette is better…period 

There are some (albeit rather strange) individuals who will tell you that American roulette really is the way to go. Exactly where this logic comes from being a mystery to anyone who bases their decisions on logic. The simple fact of the matter is that as American roulette contains a double zero, this immediately and significantly reduces your likelihood of winning. It simply increases the house edge, while making no difference whatsoever to the rest of the game. So unless you want to make things harder for yourself, stick with European roulette. 

3. Practice mode can be useful

If you don’t fully understand how roulette works, give things a go in practice mode first of all. This will help you get to grips with the different wagers you can place, how the respective online roulette game you’ve chosen works and may also give you the opportunity to examine the moves being made by other players. Playing for free with no cash online isn’t particularly exciting, but it can certainly be educational. 

4. Ignore advice on strategies and techniques

Unless you have a crystal ball that can accurately predict the future, you can forget about ‘winning’ strategies and techniques in general. If there was a single guaranteed way of keeping the odds substantially in your favour, every casino in the world would have gone out of business a long time ago. In reality, everything that happens on the roulette table comes down to pure and simple chance. It is a completely random and unpredictable event with every spin – betting strategies and related techniques do not and will not work. 

5. Consider your bankroll

That said, it’s also important to ensure you play in a manner that suits your bankroll. If you have limitless amounts of cash and really don’t mind how much you lose, feel free to wager on the most unlikely outcomes and bet the farm. By contrast, if you haven’t exactly got bottomless pockets, you might want to stick with the safer bets and in smaller amounts – red or black, odds or evens etc. You’ll sacrifice top-level prizes, but you’ll also lose significantly less often.

6. Set upper and lower limits

Every savvy gambler heads to the table knowing exactly how much they are prepared to win or lose, before walking away. After a big way in, your head will be filled with so many emotions you’re almost guaranteed to make terrible decisions. On a losing streak, you’ll probably find yourself tempted to chase your losses. In both instances, these are some of the worst things you can do at the roulette table. If you start off with £20 as an example, you could save your win limit at £50 and your loss limit at £5. As soon as you reach either of these, it’s time to walk away.

7. Study the basics

Truth is, study the game of roulette for the rest of your life and you still won’t be any closer to predicting the outcome of even a single spin. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean there isn’t much to learn about the game and its associated rules, odds and so on. In fact, you may find the whole experience significantly more enjoyable and rewarding if you do at least a little rudimentary homework.  There are thousands of helpful guides and tutorials available online for free, so you’ve really no excuse not to!

8. Give live-dealer action a try 

It’s not until you get started with live-dealer casino gaming that you realise just how big of a difference it can make. For social types in particular, every aspect of the experience is transformed by bringing the live-dealer into the equation.  That is, just as long as you ensure that the casino you choose delivers a world class live-dealer experience. Nothing changes about the mechanics of the gameplay itself, but the social aspect and general enjoyment of it all really is unbeatable. 

9. Get yourself to a real casino 

Or at least, unbeatable without heading out to a quality real-life casino. If you’re yet to experience the thrill of a crowded and chaotic casino floor personally, you’re long overdue a treat. Get to grips with how things work online, don your finest finery and get yourself down to a quality casino for an evening you’ll never forget!

10. Gamble responsibly

Last but not least, admittedly this isn’t the most exciting entry to the list, but it’s by far the most important. Games like roulette are designed to be enjoyed responsibly, though can be difficult to tear yourself away from once you get started. Always keep a close watch over your gambling activities, never gamble under the influence and know when the time comes to walk away. 

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