Admittedly, the title of this post alone will no doubt have prompted a collective squeal among millions of purists. The reason being that as far as most traditional casino gamers are concerned, no virtual gaming experience in the world can compare to the real thing.

And we definitely understand where they are coming from. After all, it’s not as if even the most advanced online casino games in the world can fully replicate the buzz of a busy casino floor. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that virtual games don’t have the upper hand over their real-life counterparts in a variety of areas.

Take online slots for example – a concept that has been around in one form or another for decades, but has only recently begun hitting its stride. Exactly what is it about online casinos that has won over tens of millions of gamers on a global basis?

The answer…well, we can think of at least 8 reasons why online slots have the potential to be better than the real thing. So at the risk of frustrating those who find digital games an affront to casino history, here’s a quick rundown of just a few arguments in favour of online slots:

  1. The selection is vastly superior

First and foremost, there isn’t and never will be a casino on the face of the earth that can outperform an online casino in terms of variety. These days, just a single online casino can play host to more than 1,000 online slots, which can be played by a near-infinite number of people at the same time. Meaning that no matter what it is you are looking for, you’ll both find it online and never have to wait in line for the current player to finish. And given the fact that most of the world’s best-loved real-life slot experiences have now been recreated online, it’s not as if you have to compromise on quality, either.

  1. Online exclusives

In fact, dozens of outstanding new slots are being released each and every month by the world’s leading developers – 100% exclusively online. Which means that for the first time, the sheer variety of gaming available online is comprehensively outstripping that of the world’s real-life casinos. So whether you’re a casual gamer or take things far more seriously than most, it is fundamentally impossible to ever run out of incredible gaming opportunities to explore online.

  1. Progressive jackpots in growing numbers

For most people, the prospect of travelling to a real-life casino offering jackpots of six or seven figures for a single spin just isn’t a realistic possibility. There may be plenty in Vegas, but elsewhere these are the kinds of prizes that just aren’t paid out by slots. Take things online however and you have instant access to the kinds of globally linked progressive slot machines that can and sometimes do pay out simply enormous jackpots. Aside from winning the lottery perhaps, there really is no other realistic means by which a stake of say £1 could be transformed into more than £1 million at the touch of a few buttons.

  1. Play for free

Here’s a question – exactly how many real-life casinos do you think there are in the world that welcome newcomers to try out most of their slots for free? The answer is, of course, none of them! Free gaming just isn’t a thing when it comes to real-life casinos. Which means that if you are looking to try something out for the first time or are new to the casino experience in general, you still have to put your own hard-earned cash on the line to learn the ropes. One of the biggest benefits of playing online is that the vast majority of slots available can be tried out 100% free of charge for as long as you like. A great way of learning how things work, before playing for real money.

  1. Online bonuses can be uniquely generous

Likewise – when was the last time you heard about a real-life casino offering a welcome bonus package worth £500 for new customers? The answer – it simply doesn’t happen. Sure, they might hand out free drinks and snacks, but there is really no comparison between online and offline casinos when it comes to bonuses. Even when taking into account those rather unfortunate terms and conditions, online casino bonuses have the potential to be uniquely generous.

  1. You save money on food and transit

…which adds up to more money available to spend on slots! Think about it – if it would cost you say £25 in combined transportation, food and drink expenses for a standard casino session, why not try your luck with this extra £25 disposable income from home? It’s worth remembering that this £25 could be spent trying your luck with those progressive jackpots mentioned earlier – you never know when Lady Luck could be in your corner!

  1. Comfort and Enjoyment

While a lot of people get a real kick out of the crowded and chaotic casino floor, others find the whole thing somewhat more daunting. Particularly those who have no prior experience with casinos and may be intimidated by the prospect in its entirety. In such instances, gambling from home represents a great way of combining the highest quality casino gaming with complete comfort, confidence and enjoyment.

  1. Play anywhere and anytime

Last but not least, the advent of mobile gaming has transformed the way the world looks at online slots once and for all. The prospect of being able to access thousands of incredible casino games from home is appealing enough in its own right. However, being able to access the same library of games from any place and at any time via the device in your pocket is something else entirely. Dipping in and out of online slots can be a great way of killing a few minutes here and there, while at the same time picking up a prize or two…if you’re lucky. In any case, it’s safe to say that once you’ve given mobile casino slots a shot for the first time, you’ll instantly see what all the fuss is about!




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