If you have any interest or experience whatsoever in online gaming, it’s likely you’ve come across loyalty schemes from time to time. In fact, the vast majority of online casinos and betting sites across the board these days offer their own take on loyalty rewards and incentives.

The question being – is there actually anything to gain by remaining loyal to just one service provider? Or would you be far better off playing the field and keeping your eyes open for a better offer?

Interestingly, the vast majority of online gamblers choose not to take part in loyalty schemes and programs. The reason being that the vast majority of online gamblers are also relatively casual gamblers. Meaning they typically assume there isn’t a great deal to gain by signing up. Nevertheless, casinos and online betting sites alike continue to up the ante with their incentives and offers, so as to cope with the continually expanding and intensifying competition.

Whatever it takes to keep you in their clutches for as long as possible, they’ll do it!

Still, promising you all manner of bonuses and incentives isn’t the same as actually delivering something of value. Some online gamblers swear by loyalty schemes, while others will tell you to stay away from them without exception.

Which harks back to the primary question – is loyalty genuinely rewarded by online casinos and bookmakers, or not worth bothering with?

Loyalty Points and Rewards

The short answer…well, it all comes down to how you play, whom you play with and the extent to which you play. Disconcertingly vague, but stick with us for a moment.

In the vast majority of instances, loyalty schemes work by providing those taking part with loyalty points to one extent or another. The long and short of it being that as you play, you gradually earn credits, which accumulate over time and can be exchanged for various prizes and perks.

Now, if you intend to make use of these loyalty points and exchange them for something worthwhile, common sense will tell you that you need to stick with one specific casino. The reason being that if you spread your business among say 10 casinos or betting sites, it is going to take you 10 times longer to accumulate the same quantity of points. Which isn’t exactly helpful, given the way in which most service providers slap expiration periods of about 30 days on the loyalty points they hand out.

What’s also important to take into account is your likelihood or otherwise of ever saving up enough points in the first place. With many online gaming sites for example, customers are handed one loyalty point each time they wager £5. Unfortunately, in order to qualify for any kind of reward of value – say a £10 voucher or even some kind of novelty – you may need to first accumulate more than 1,000 points. Which for obvious reasons isn’t of any real use to the kind of casual gamers who may wager no more than around £50 per month.

Hence the importance of checking the full terms and conditions, before pledging your undying loyalty to any given casino.

VIP Programs
Meanwhile, VIP programs are a little different in terms of both their mechanics and their value. The reason being that when an online gamer is happy to deposit huge sums of cash and wager at the kind of level that would bring a tear to most gamblers’ eyes, it’s inevitable that the casino or betting site is going to be far more generous with the rewards.

While these kinds of high-rollers exist in much smaller numbers, they do indeed exist. And it’s definitely in the best interests of the service providers to do their best to attract them. VIP programs often take the concept of incentives and rewards to the next level. For example, qualify for a VIP program and you will no doubt be provided with faster withdrawals, personal account management, access to exclusive competitions and tables, considerably more generous deposit bonuses and even invitations to special events taking place anywhere in the world.

But then again, if you are spending (and inherently losing) tens of thousands of pounds on a regular basis, this really is the least you can ask!

Given the potential for relatively lucrative VIP rewards, it is of critical importance to thoroughly research the available service providers, before making a decision which to go with. Depending on the kind of deal you are offered, loyalty can definitely be a positive thing as a VIP. But at the same time, always remember that there may be another service provider out there that is willing to offer you something even better, if it means stealing you away from the competition!

Playing the Field
For the most part, unless you are the kind of gamer or gambler who’s in the habit of spending a small fortune, you will probably have better luck playing the field. As 99.99% of modern consumers are painfully aware, pretty much every business on the face of the earth dedicates its best deals and discounts to new customers. Fundamentally unfair, but nonetheless the way the world works.

As a casual gamer, chances are that all the loyalty in the world will earn you next to nothing at all. Except for maybe the odd reload bonus here and there, which will no doubt be diluted with excessive wagering requirements. While there’s much to be said for sticking with the best casinos and betting sites on the market, it’s important to be realistic in terms of expected rewards and incentives. The more you spend, the more you can expect in return – hence the reduced value of loyalty schemes for casual gamers.

Nevertheless, the same rule applies in all instances regarding carrying out plenty of research before making your final decision. The reason being that even if the rewards and incentives on the table are relatively remedial, you still may as well ensure you choose the best of the bunch!







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