Let’s just get one thing straight right away – we are not trying to be killjoys with any of this!

The thing about betting on football tournaments is that in the right circumstances, at the right time, with the right people and so on, a flutter or two really does have the potential to make things even more exciting. But at the same time, it’s also possible (and painfully common) to go about things entirely the wrong way.

Here we’re all about getting maximum enjoyment out of gambling and whatever it is you choose to gamble on. It’s just that we also see ourselves as valuable advisors and public service providers when it comes to such things.

Quite the responsibility, but still – somebody’s got to do it!

Which is precisely why we thought we’d share with you a few of our own common-sense tips and guidelines for betting on the 2018 World Cup. Yes, it’s early, but given the fact that qualification is just about over, chances are you’re already counting down to the opening ceremony.

So if you do plan on placing a bet or two next year, here’s how we advise going about the process:

Throw Loyalty Out of the Window
First and foremost, this is no time to allow loyalty to get the better of you. Just to put things into some kind of working context, you may for example be a dedicated and truly passionate England supporter. Nevertheless, it could come to pass that when England takes on Brazil or Portugal, the odds of an England victory are pretty terrible.

It may go against everything you believe in to bet on your own team to lose, but common sense would dictate that this is exactly what you should be doing. And just for the record, there is no such thing as ‘tempting fate’ or any of that other superstitious nonsense, so don’t go fooling yourself into thinking there is! Instead, place your bets logically and in accordance with what is actually likely to happen, rather than simply letting your loyalty sway your judgment.

Do Your Research
In terms of research, the only research you really need to do is watch every game and check out the previous track records of the teams you intend to bet on. For example, you may find that out of the past 25 times any two countries have met, one of them has won 24 times by a huge margin. In which case, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out which way things were likely to go this time.

Of course, there is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed outcome and even these kinds of ‘dead certs’ sometimes throw the odd curveball. Nevertheless, the last thing you want to do is overlook this kind of compelling information and evidence, ultimately walking into the kind of nonsense bet you’ll regret making. Try to keep up to speed with everything that happens and everything that has been happening over recent months and years.

Avoid Outside Bets
It can often be tempting to place wagers on the kinds of outside bets that promise potentially huge returns. The expected result of the game is an absolute no-brainer, meaning that if you bet the opposite way, you could be in for a huge payout if you win. The only problem being that spectacular odds exist for a reason – and it’s not a reason which in any way benefits the punter.

Instead, outside bets and huge odds like these exist to lure people into betting good money on outcomes that just aren’t going to happen. Of course, from time to time the impossible does occur and some people walk away with tens of thousands of pounds from a simple £10 bet. Nevertheless, in the other 99.999% of cases, you are simply throwing your money away. Feel free to go ahead, but only if you are genuinely happy to lose this money every time.

Set Yourself a Budget/Limit
Speaking of losing money, the key to success (in terms of enjoyment) when it comes to betting on these kinds of tournaments is to set yourself a limit. It could be a certain amount you can spend during the entire tournament, or perhaps a set limit per game. Whichever way you choose to go, you need to think about exactly how much money you are willing to lose and can comfortably lose – this being your total budget. Because, unfortunate as it may be, it’s very possible that you will lose.

When setting yourself a budget, always try to remember that it isn’t necessarily a good idea to suddenly expand significantly if you have a lucky day. For example, if you set yourself a £50 weekly limit and win £500 one day, try not to then fall into the trap of blowing the entire £550, just for the sake of it.

Team Up and Pool Resources
There are three reasons why it makes sense to bet on the World Cup as part of a group. First of all, more collective money means more wagers, which in turn means a bigger chance of winning at least something. Secondly, losing as a group isn’t nearly as painful as losing alone and watching others win. And certainly, gambling as a group makes it much more difficult to lose control, given that you essentially relinquish most control over how much you can and cannot spend.

Long story short therefore – we highly recommend getting something of a team together to bet on a 2018 World Cup.

Watch the Booze!
Last but not least, if you do intend on having a few libations in the run of-up to an important game, don’t even think about placing any bets while intoxicated. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you do, common-sense will go entirely out of the window and you’ll end up placing the kinds of bets you wouldn’t normally go near.

If you are going to bet, bet before you go boozing – never during and never after!

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