So there’s something that that needs to be said before we go any further. Which is, no matter how much time, effort and focus you invest in sports betting, you’re going to get it wrong from time to time. End of story. Even the most outstandingly skilled (and lucky) gamblers in the world don’t get things right every time. Which is precisely why learning how to take a hit without freaking out is one of the first things anyone looking to get serious with gambling needs to do.

But what if you’re the type that just never seems to get anything right? Could it be that you’re terminally unlucky? Or is it all down to you?

Well, technically there’s a chance that the former applies. After all, there’s an element of luck in every wager across the board – hence why it’s known as ‘gambling’ and not just making money. But in 999.9% of cases, those who get it wrong every time usually have nobody to blame but themselves.

On the plus side, there are certain gambling mistakes that are not only more common than others, but comprehensively easy to address. So if you’re down on your ‘luck’ and can’t seem to work out why, there’s a good chance it could be for one or more of the following reasons:

Not Managing Your Money Properly
First up, bankroll management is just about the number-one rule of all when it comes to sports betting across the board. The reason being that if you only ever bet with money you can afford to lose, you won’t be particularly bothered when you do. And as you’re not going nuts over your losses, your judgement won’t be clouded and you won’t make bad decisions. Suffice to say, chasing losses is just about the worst thing you could ever do.

So the first thing you need to do is get serious with money management. Assign a gambling budget, ensure you know how much you can afford to lose and don’t ever go over it by a penny. And if you can’t manage your budget yourself, ask someone else to do it on your behalf!

Ignoring the Research Element
Sports betting differs from every other type of gambling across the board for one important reason. That being, you can do a LOT to tip the odds a little more in your favour with sports betting. The difference lies in the fact that when it comes to nearly every casino game across the board, the outcome is random. While some results are more likely than others, the result is still one of 100% pure chance. With sports betting, it’s nothing of the sort.

Which in turn means that if you’re willing to do your homework, you can ensure you only ever enter into the kinds of bets that at least make a small amount of sense. You aren’t guaranteed to win, but you can completely avoid the kinds of decisions that guarantee losses with targeted research. So it’s up to you – research can help increase your chances of getting it right, or you can just wager randomly and deal with the outcome accordingly.

Having Unrealistic Expectations
This one applies to all areas of gambling across the board and is important to take into account. Far too many people get into sports betting with the expectation that it’s going to make them rich and famous. Or if nothing else, generate a solid revenue stream and provide them with extra cash to do what they want with. In reality however, it’s actually the opposite that’s true for most people.

Think of it this way – if the majority of people managed to make a profit out of sports betting, how would bookies and casinos stay in business? This would mean they were paying more money out than they were earning. Which is, in every respect, a completely unviable business model. These businesses succeed because it’s the bookies that win on the vast majority of occasions, with gamblers taking home far fewer pay-outs. It’s not to say you cannot make out like a bandit, but if you expect too much, you’re setting yourself up for big problems.

Placing Too Many Wagers

More specifically, placing too many wagers on too many different sports at too many levels. Sports betting is a prime example of where the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ analogy rings true. If you want to make a success of your sports betting venture, the key lies in selecting the sport you’re most passionate about, most interested in and have the best understanding of – then sticking with it.

Once again, the research you carry out and the effort you put in will be reflected in the results you can expect to achieve. If you spread yourself too thinly across multiple sports, you’re far more likely to struggle.

Betting for the Wrong Reasons
There are so many reasons for placing bets in the first place – many of which are entirely the wrong reasons. For example, placing a bet just for the sake of making things more exciting really isn’t the way to go. The same can also be said for backing a team just because they are your favourite, or backing your home nation blindly. Popular approaches to betting for example, but rarely a good move to make.

Betting against your home team or favourite might seems unthinkable, but if you’re in it to win it, you need to focus on that and that alone – winning. Loyalty pretty much has to go out of the window, which for obvious reasons can be one of the biggest problems faced by the more dedicated sports fans.

Not Comparing Odds
Last but not least, if you’re going to place a bet…and hopefully win…why short-change yourself simply by betting with the wrong bookie? Even when the differences in published odds are modest, this still amounts to ‘free’ additional cash in the event that you win. So what’s there to gain by betting with a bookie that offers inferior odds?

These days, finding the best odds out there is as easy as heading online and carrying out a tiny amount of rudimentary research. Which could pay off in the form of extra cash in your pocket. So next time and every time you place a bet, do yourself a favour and make sure your chosen bookie or casino really is offering you the best odds you can lay your hands on. It’s your money – so why throw it away?


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