There’s no denying the fact that trying a brand new casino game for the first time can be a little daunting. Not only is there the prospect of getting it entirely wrong and walking away empty handed, but also that of making a fool of yourself in front of everyone else. All of which is precisely why most tend to stick with the familiar games they know, overlooking and ignoring others.

One example of which being craps – something that often takes a back seat to the likes of roulette and blackjack. If you personally have never tried craps for yourself, there’s a good chance it was for one of the above reasons. Nevertheless, just as soon as you have spent some time at the craps table for the first time, there is every chance it will become your new favourite casino game above and beyond all others.

Why? For five very good reasons, which are as follows:

You Won’t Get Better Odds


First of all, if you are looking for the kind of casino game that promises the best possible odds, you won’t find anything better than craps. When looking at the specifics of the house advantage, craps come in at right at the very bottom of the table at just 0.6%. Elsewhere across the casino, the house edge can be anything from 5% up to a massive 25%. Just as long as you make the right moves when it comes to betting, the craps table will present you with the very best odds available.

Everyone Wins Together
Perhaps the single best thing about playing craps is the way in which every single person playing at the table at the time is vying for the same outcome. When you win, everybody else wins. Likewise, their success is your success. It can be one of the most exciting and social of all casino games, as if the shooter at the time scores a great roll, it makes money for everyone else and you suddenly become best friends. Seriously – there’s no other time or place in a casino when you will find yourself wanting to hug total strangers and buy drinks for people you’ve only just met. The buzz only increases as the winning streak continues, meaning this is one game where you are championing the success of everyone around you, rather than looking to beat them. It’s also similar when it comes to losses, as if you find yourself on the receiving end of a losing streak, so does everybody else. This softens the blow at least a little bit as you do not find yourself feeling as if it is you and you alone having a bout of bad luck.

You’ll Pick up the Lingo Instantly


Another great thing about craps is the way in which it has its own unique language. There might be a lot of complicated casino jargon out there, but getting to grips with the lingo used by craps players takes minutes. And just as soon as you pick up the basics, you’ll find yourself chatting and shouting like a pro. Or your could go the extra mile and learn a few of the most important words and phrases before you start, in order to fit right in and have a great time with the professionals. That being said, there really isn’t a great deal of professionalism involved in craps as it’s the kind of table game anyone can get into.

You Don’t Need Any Skills to Play
Following on from that specific point, craps is a game that divides critics down the middle as it is one of very few casino games where there is literally zero skill involved. Blackjack means first learning the probability of certain outcomes, poker has an extremely steep learning curve and you need to know your way around slots to have any luck with them whatsoever. When it comes to craps, you really only need to know one or two very basic details about the game to be able to play at the same level as the professionals. Technically speaking, the actual outcomes that can occur in a game of craps and the scope for bets available can be nothing short of epic in terms of complication. Nevertheless, the simple fact of the matter is that you don’t need to know or understand any of these whatsoever to play and get the maximum enjoyment out of craps.

The Possibilities Are Limitless
Last but not least, when looking at things from a strictly technical and mathematical perspective, there are absolutely no limits to how much money it is possible to win playing craps. Just as long as the dice keep landing in your favour – which they might – you just go on winning and winning as long as your luck holds out. Technically speaking, it is unlikely that you are not going to crap out sooner or later. But at the same time, you’ve every chance of continuing adding to the win you’ve already stacked up indefinitely. There was a famous instance in Atlantic City a few years ago, when one lucky craps player managed to keep on winning with 154 rolls before crapping out. Not only did she win an absolute fortune, but she achieved something where the mathematical odds of doing so were an incredible 1 in 1.56 trillion!

Like we said, more than enough reason why craps could well become your new favourite casino game!






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