It’s no secret that online gambling has transformed the way the world approaches casino gaming.  For the first time, pretty much anyone wishing to do so has the opportunity to reach into their pocket, pull out a modest smartphone and dive into the whole world of Vegas-style action. Precisely what hundreds of millions of people are doing right now.

But what’s interesting is that while accessibility may have changed, the primary appeal of gambling is the same as it has always been. If anything, we’re finding ourselves increasingly compelled to get stuck into this kind of action. Despite the fact that you’d assume, to some extent at least, that gambling in principle goes against human nature.

Not to mention, common sense.

Gambling’s for Fools?

As the great Lemmy once said: “You know I’m going to lose, and gambling’s for fools, but that’s the way I like it, baby–I don’t want to live forever.” An immortal phrase that pretty much encapsulates what gambling is all about.

If you have even a modicum of common sense and/or logic, you don’t realistically assume that you can beat the house. The simple fact of the matter being that in every example of gambling worldwide, the house retains a statistical edge. Or to put it another way, the house always wins. Keep going for long enough and sooner or later, you’ll come out with less than you started with.

Hence, you can’t help but think that gambling really is a fool’s game. After all, why would you willingly get yourself into something that could see you worse-off?

The answer…well, it simply comes down to the way human beings are programmed. On the surface, the appeal of gambling seems to be attached to the prospect of winning prizes or money. In reality, 99% of gamblers are wholly aware of the fact that they’re simply lining the pockets of the casinos and service providers respectively.

But if this is the case, why is it that hundreds of millions of us get a kick out of gambling? Why do we continue to spend our hard-earned money on the latest casino games, irrespective of the fact that we know they’re designed to take our money?

Contrary to popular belief, the thrill of gambling isn’t only about prospective wins. There are countless other reasons why humans instinctively enjoy gambling activities, including the following:

1. Risk Taking

For one thing, there’s a certain buzz that accompanies taking some kind of calculated risk. For those who know what they’re doing, gambling is a calculated exercise wherein you know exactly what kinds of odds you’re up against. If you want to keep things simple and limit your likelihood of losing, you can hit the roulette table and bet on red. If you have a more advanced risk appetite, you can put your entire bankroll on 17. There’s much to be said for the adrenalin rush that accompanies taking a risk. And just as long as it suits your bankroll and risk appetite, it can always be a risk that you can absolutely afford to take.

2. Pure Escapism

Even with the simplest casino games that demand very little thought, you’re still diving into a welcome world of escapism. The flashing lights and chaotic noise of a crowded casino, the sound effects and music of an online gaming experience, or perhaps the quiet contemplation of a in-person poker tournament.  Irrespective of how terrible your day, week or month might have been, this is exactly the kind of escapism you need to take your mind off it. It gives your brain something to think about – something that’s at least partially beyond your control. The classic case of going with the flow and letting destiny do its work.

3. Glitz and Glamour

Since its very inception, casino gaming has been associated with a glamorous and sophisticated lifestyle. Even today when we play casino games online, there’s still a certain air of sophistication that’s undeniable. The traditional casino floor takes some beating, but the very best online providers are slowly but surely catching up. Particularly as virtual reality continues its advance, which looks set to become the new standard for online casino gaming in the very near future.

4. The Social Aspect

There’s also much to be said for the social aspect of casino gaming. For obvious reasons, this has traditionally applied exclusively to the real-life casino floor.  Getting stuck into the action among crowds of revellers has always been an incredibly enjoyable experience. Slowly but surely however, the social aspect is beginning to transform the online game as well. Live-dealer casino gaming has come leaps and bounds, replacing the usual computer algorithms with talented professionals. Take a seat at a live roulette or blackjack table with other players from around the world and enjoy a uniquely social experience, without ever having to leave your couch!

5. Letting Fate Decide

There are times in life when it can actually be therapeutic to put things directly in the hands of fate. As mentioned previously, it all adds to the escapism of a good gambling experience. Rather than being forced to think heavily about any and every possible move you make, it’s quite literally a case of rolling the dice and seeing what happens. Not a particularly advisable ethos for a wider lifestyle, but nonetheless great for an occasional escape.

6. You Just Never Know

Last but not least, there’s simply no denying the appeal of wondering if and when you might actually take home a prize. In the back of your mind, you know it’s not particularly likely to happen. Nevertheless, the fact that it can and sometimes does happen is more than enough to justify another roll of the dice.  The anticipation of seeing which numbers come up alone is a thrill-ride of epic proportions. It’s simply a case of ensuring you know how to cut your losses and walk away, rather than getting yourself in too deep!

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