The key to success when it comes to New Year’s resolutions is to make the kinds of resolutions that aren’t entirely horrible. If anything, it’s better to focus on the kinds of things that are both beneficial and pleasant at the same time. Which if you happen to be a gambler is actually pretty easy.

So if you’ve been thinking of how you can improve and enhance everything you do throughout 2017, here’s a quick rundown of a few suggestions from ourselves:

1: Be More Adventurous


First up, whatever it is you tend to focus on when it comes to gaming and gambling, why not make 2017 the year when you do something totally different? If you spend most of your time on online slots, why not make the effort to master one or more classic table games? Or if you’ve never given it a shot, consider making this the year you finally see what all the fuss is about with sports betting. Whatever it takes, do something new and enjoyable.

2: Start A Journal
Particularly if you happen to be into sports betting, a gambling journal has the potential to be the single most useful and informative resource you will ever lay your hands on. There is a good reason why the vast majority of professional gamblers both keep journals and recommend that everyone else does the same. It might seem strange at first, but look back on things after a few months and you’ll see exactly why and how they can be so useful.

3: Check Out More Bonuses and Promotions


There are so many incredible bonuses and promotions around these days that to ignore them entirely is to run the risk of losing out. Of course, not all casino and betting bonuses are all they appear to be, but find the right ones and you could be quids-in. Use helpful, independent resources to help you track down the very best bonuses out there and use them.

4: Don’t Lose Track of Time
Or in other words, start getting into the habit of setting something of a timer to ensure that you only ever spend the exact amount of time gambling online you set out to. Whether it’s 15 minutes, a couple of hours or even the best part of a full evening, allocate yourself a budget in terms of both time and money, making sure you stick to both like glue.

5: Read Up More
Whatever kind of gambling and gaming you are into, it’s safe to say there are thousands of helpful educational resources out there that can be accessed free of charge. What’s more, there’s a good chance that many of these could help you take both your enjoyment and success rates to a higher level. As such, there is really no excuse for not doing your homework and making this the year that you up the ante when it comes to your own knowledge and capabilities.

6: Visit A Real Casino


If you still haven’t taken time out to visit a real casino, what are you waiting for? Even in the instances of the very best online casinos, there’s still nothing quite like the buzz and atmosphere of a real casino with action taking place all around you. If you’ve never been before, you’re missing out on quite a treat!

7: Try Live Dealer Gaming
Likewise, if you enjoy online gaming but haven’t yet tried the live-dealer experience, you’re again missing out on something great. Just be sure to find yourself one of the very best online casinos available, given the way in which the experience differs enormously from one service provider to the next.

8: Quit While Ahead
One of the best ways of finishing the year without heavy losses and perhaps even with a profit in your pocket is to learn how to quit while ahead. It’s also one of the most difficult skills to master, but one that can definitely make a big difference to everything you do. It’s one thing to know how to walk away when you appear to be on a losing streak, but knowing how to quit when you’re actually doing well is the secret to walking away with more money in your pocket.

9: Team Up
One of the best ways of making online gambling even more fun than it already is is to team up with friends and family members. It’s basically the exact same process as playing solo, except in this instance you pool your money together, work as a team and share winnings. This way, the excitement of the whole thing is intensified enormously and you will also find yourself with a significantly larger purse to play with.

10: Play Real Poker
Last but not least, if until now you have only been playing poker online, you absolutely must make 2017 the year you make the move to real-life poker. Sure, it takes time and effort to organise and might not be quite as convenient as playing on your smartphone. Nevertheless, the real-life poker experience is so incredibly different from any kind of online poker that the two cannot be realistically compared. Take the plunge and see for yourself – you’re guaranteed a fantastic time!




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